Kim Broderick, PT, SCS, ATC, DNCert.

Kim Broderick is a Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer. She has been practicing physical therapy for over 25 years. Kim earned her physical therapy degree from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from Western Illinois University and was a Scholarship athlete playing 2nd base for the Leathernecks Softball Team and she was the defensive specialist on the Field Hockey team.

Kim has held several Orthopedic and Sports Medicine positions in Physical Therapy and Athletics during her career. She was Texas Tech University’s Assistant Athletic Trainer from 1984 thru 1991, traveling and working with all sports both men and women. Her primary assignment was with the Lady Raider Basketball Team coached by Marsha Sharp and the TTU Volleyball Team. She has been selected and served the US Olympic Teams in her past, functioning as an Athletic Trainer at the Pan American Games. Kim is an avid golfer and is a Certified Golf Fitness and Medical Professional through the Titleist Performance Institute.

Kim specializes in manual therapy, dry needling, corrective exercise, and bridging the gap from injury rehabilitation to sport performance enhancement. Kim has completed post-graduate study in the areas of manual therapy, dry needling and functional movement. She functions as a Clinical Instructor for Physical Therapy students.  She works with clients and athletes from youth to professional, including Professional Baseball players and PGA and LPGA Golfers. She has assisted athletes to return to football, tennis, volleyball, softball, soccer and basketball as well as helping runners, swimmers and triathletes get back to their events over her vast career.  Even though, Kim is a specialist in Sports and providing athletes personalized care she stresses that her practice involves seeing any musculoskeletal impairment and she cares for everyone and does not only see athletes. She shares that she recently worked with and individual with back pain that was 99 years of age and was able to see his 100th birthday and celebrate with family and friends and this was just amazing to become a friend of him and his family.  

Kim states that, “ her “why” is improving the quality of life for those that I am fortunate enough to serve whether it is someone enjoying retirement or someone who is in the prime of their athletic career both individuals just desire improvement and I am here to assist them and see the joy and appreciation once they are moving again or rid of pain.”  “I am blessed to do what I do and wake up daily enjoying what I do and sharing my expertise with others, physical therapy is a wonderful career!”