Whether you are a former patient or a new client, you can benefit from a personalized wellness program. If you have specific goal in mind, or just want to be in a safe and effective exercise program in a professional atmosphere, a physical therapist supervised wellness program can be just right for you.

We offer a way for those looking to enhance their health through exercise. We can safely start an exercise program by identifying and resolving specific muscle imbalances, flexibility, strength or balance issues that might prevent you from reaching your goal.

Our focus is to help you attain your physical goals to enhance your quality of life. We work on patients on an individual basis as a team through your recovery process at a pace that is comfortable for you to achieve your goals.

Your initial evaluation will consist of a thorough evaluation and assessment of your problem. You and your therapist will determine your goals and treatment program; you will be educated about your problem and your specific treatment approach.

The goal of our wellness program is to help people transition from rehabilitation to a lifestyle promoting functional fitness and healthy habits. Our wellness centers offer an affordable way for people of all ages and levels to reach their fitness/health goals.

Wellness program service includes:

  • Fitness Evaluations
  • Individual Fitness Programs
  • Personal Training
  • Sports Performance Training

What to Know


60 minute sessions


Low impact exercises and relaxation techniques


Wear a comfortable set of clothes that allow for a wide range of motion


Covered by most insurances and requires prescription.

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Locations Offering

Baytown Clinic

3818 Decker Drive

Baytown, TX 77520

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